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Bromantane – Solution


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Solution 1500mg (50mg/mL)

Bromantane  is an atypical stimulant and anxiolytic with dopaminergic mechanisms. Immunomodulator.

Bromantane ( Ladasten) is a stimulant and anxiolytic derivative of Adamantane, developed in Russia in the late 1980s.

It is considered an atypical stimulant, and possesses both dopaminergic and possibly serotonergic effects. Some resources refer to Bromantane as an actoprotective or adaptogen substance, with the ability to increase the release of dopamine in the dorsal stratium and to influence the immune system through modulation of T-cell production.

Clinical studies show several pharmacological actions after administration in human subjects. These include increase resistance to overheating and decreased fatigue. As such, Bromantane is said to combine stimulant and anxiolytic effects. Further research has indicated that it accelerates physical restoration after exercise in normal conditions, as well as under hypoxic and hyperthermia stresses.

Research has also indicated increased learning capacity and antagonism to sedative actions of tranquilizers, increased body temperature, improved movement coordination, and immunomodulation actions after administration in human and animal studies.


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Chemical Information:

CAS Number: 87913-26-6
Purity: ≥98%
Molecular Weight: 306.247 g/mol
Melting Point: 105-107 °C
Molecular Formula: C16H20BrN
Synonyms: Ladasten; Bromantan; 2-(4-Bromophenyl)aminoadamantane ; N-(2-adamantyl)-N-(p-bromophenyl)-amine; N-(4-Bromophenyl)tricyclo[,7]decan-2-amine
PubChem CID: 4660557


Application Atypical Psychostimulant
CAS 87913-26-6
Molar Mass 306.25 g/mol
Chemical Formula C16H20BrN
IUPAC Name N-(4-bromophenyl)adamantan-2-amine
Storage Store at room temperature, tightly sealed, away from heat, light and moisture.
Solubility Soluble in Chloroform (Slightly), Ethyl Acetate (Slightly), PEG400
Organoleptic Profile Clear liquid
Physical Form Liquid, solved in PEG400
Specification 50mg/mL ±10%