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Coluracetam, Powder

Coluracetam is a nootropic compound in the racetam family, with a unique enhancing effect on high affinity choline uptake.

The mechanisms of action (as well as structute) appear to be very distinct from other racetam compounds like Piracetam or Aniracetam. Coluracetam appears to interact with a process known as high affinity choline uptake (HACU for short), which is the rate-limiting step of drawing choline into a neuron for synthesis into the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Increasing the HACU rate appears to increase the activity of cholinergic neurons, so it is a desired target for cognitive enhancement.

Coluracetam can improve memory, learning, anxiety, depression, and eyesight.

It may induce long-lasting procognitive effects in cholinergic neurotoxin-treated subjects by changing the choline transporter regulation system.

Coluracetam is also shown to improve AMPA potentiation, which is a process that triggers cognitive function and alertness.


This Material is Sold For Research Use Only. Terms of Sale Apply. Not for Human Consumption, nor Medical, Veterinary, or Household Uses.

Chemical Informations

CAS Number: 135463-81-9
Purity: ≥99%
Molecular Weight: 341.40 g/mol
Melting Point: 128-131°C
Molecular Formula: C19H23N3O3
Synonyms: N-(2,3-dimethyl-5,6,7,8-tetrahydrofuro[2,3-b]quinolin-4-yl)-2-(2-oxopyrrolidin-1-yl)acetamide, MKC-231
PubChem CID: 214346

Technical Information:

Application: Coluracetam (BCI-540) is a nootropic compound of the racetam family.
Appearance: White or off-white powder
Physical State: Solid
Solubility: Soluble to 50 mM in Ethanol, insoluble in Water.
Storage: Store at room temperature or cooler, in a sealed airtight container, protected from heat, light and humidity.
Stability: Stable for at least two years when stored as above.

Lab Analysis


2209EURO.764D Coluracetam_CoA

2304EURO.993F_Coluracetam CAS=135463-81-9 LOT230423

2302EURO.746A_Coluracetam CAS= 135461-81-9 Lot=230323

2209EURO.764D_Coluracetam CAS= 135463-81-9 Lot=200922