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Emoxypine Succinate

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Emoxypine Succinate – 20g

Emoxypine is a pyridoxine derivative used in research for its purported antioxidant effects. In Russia, it is used medically for anxiolytic, anticonvulsant, neuroprotective, cognition-enhancing, and anti-inflammatory effects. It is structurally related to pyridoxine which is a type of vitamin B6. 

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20g, 50g, 200g

Chemical Informations

Chemical Name: 2-Ethyl-3-hydroxy-6-methylpyridine
CAS Number:  2364-75-2
Purity: >98%
Molecular Weight: 137.179 g/mol
Melting Point: 170 -172 °C
Molecular Formula: C8H11NO
Synonyms: Emoxipine, Emoxypin, Epigid, 6-Methyl-2-ethyl-3-hydroxypyridine; ethylmethylhydroxypyridine succinate
PubChem CID: 114681

Technical Information: 

Application: Emoxipine and its succinate salt are chemical compounds with antioxidant and membrane-protective properties. In Russia, they have been reported as antidepressant agents. (The product is for research purposes only.)
Appearance: White to pale cream powder.
Physical State: Solid
Solubility: Highly soluble in water
Storage / Stability: Store at room temperature or cooler, in a sealed airtight container, protected from heat, light and humidity. Stable for at least two years when stored as above.

Lab Analysis

Emoxypine Succinate Lot: 230712 CoA

2211EURO.163F Emoxypine Succinate_CoA

2211EURO.163F_Emoxypine Succinate Lot=031022 HNMR