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Nooglutyl – Powder

Nooglutyl is an experimental compound recently developed in Russia at the Research Institute of Pharmacology, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. It is currently classified by researchers as a nootropic agent. Nooglutyl is currently being investigated for its potential as treatment and management for a variety of neurological and psychological disorders.

Nooglutyl was observed to have a positive effect on memory creation and retention, and it was also able to improve most of the cognitive processes of the lab animals. The study also suggested that it had antiamnesic and antihypoxic abilities.

The primary objective of this study is to compare the effectiveness of Nooglutyl to existing cognitive enhancing at that time like Nootropil, Meclofenoxate, Meksidol, Pyritinol, and Clerigil. The test concluded that Nooglutyl was more effective than the other nootropic drugs in the study. A subsequent study comparing the effectiveness of Nooglutyl to other nootropics concluded that Nooglutyl surpasses the neuroprotective properties other nootropics.

A study conducted some four years later found that its antihypoxic abilities make it a viable treatment for memory impairment due to hypoxia and cerebral ischemia.
While the studies on Nooglutyl may appear to be mostly rosy, there are some studies though that seems to expose some of its weaknesses. One of the more recent studies that show Nooglutyl has a very short half life of between 0.37hr to 2.3hr.

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Chemical Informations

Application Glutamatergic
CAS 112193-35-8
Molar Mass 268.22 g/mol
Chemical Formula C11H12N2O6
IUPAC Name (2S)-2-[(5-hydroxypyridine-3-carbonyl)amino]pentanedioic acid
Synonyms Nooglutil, ONK-10, UNII-09UM5JOS3W, 112193-35-8, BRN 4200454, 09UM5JOS3W, N-5-(Hydroxynicotinoyl)-l-glutamic acid, C11H12N2O6, N-(5-hydroxynicotinoyl)-l-glutamic acid, L-Glutamic acid, N-((5-hydroxy-3-pyridinyl)carbonyl)-, Nooglutyl, ONK 10, SCHEMBL2497750, DTXSID90920687, XFZGYOJFPGPYCS-QMMMGPOBSA-N, ZINC1533048, AKOS013164096, LS-71858, Q15425767, N-[Hydroxy(5-hydroxypyridin-3-yl)methylidene]glutamic acid, (2S)-2-[(5-HYDROXYPYRIDIN-3-YL)FORMAMIDO]PENTANEDIOIC ACID
Storage Store at room temperature, tightly sealed, away from heat, light and moisture
Solubility Soluble in water
Organoleptic Profile White powder
Physical Form Solid
Specification ≥98%